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When you decide to employ a home care assistant, you need to be confident that the organisation that is providing the care is reliable and makes you feel comfortable with the services that they provide. You should be able to discuss your individual requirements with a home care provider and create a care plan that you agree on.

Care Plan Commitment

Is the home care provider able to commit to a personalised care plan to suit your individual requirements? A home care provider should take the time to try and understand the character and personal needs of the patient and match them to a carer that can specialise in offering those services.

Will the same carer be available or will the person that is caring for you be changed? If the carer is change too often, the services that they provide may become diluted and effect the response that you get from the home care that they give you.

Fees and Payments

Find out how often you will be required to pay for your home care services and how much. Once a time sheet has been submitted, it is usual for payments to begin within seven days.

You should also be clear of the Make sure that a home care provider is more focused on your needs than the fees. If the company begins talking about costs before discussing the care plan and how it will benefit you, they may seem more focused on money then patient well-being.

Private Home Carers in London

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